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UPDATES for February 22nd: ​All Routes (trash and recycling) are back to normal and will be serviced on their regularly scheduled day. Please see below on how to manage your storm debris.

For Harris County Precinct 4
 Please see the following site:

For Waller County:
Getting rid of construction debris that cannot be picked up by your local household waste and recycling service. If you have received no instructions from your county or local city, and you cannot reach local authorities, these are generally good ideas to follow until you hear from them:

As much as possible, separate debris into different piles—for example:
1. Branches, leaves, and other materials that can go into a wood chipper.
2. Metal and related materials.
3. Glass. Gather glass carefully. Before you set it out, double-bag and then placed in a box it to avoid accidents. Please tape the box shut.
4. Lumber and other debris from buildings.
5. Furniture and other large items.
6. Appliances. (Use duct tape to hold refrigerators and freezers closed.)
7. Ruined furnishings.

Set the piles as close to the road as possible:
• If you have a curb near your home, build them on top of the curb, not in the road.
• If you have a ditch and no curb near your home, build them in the grassy area between the ditch and the road. Be sure not to block the ditch or the road.

If you have questions and cannot find another place to get answers, call our Debris Management Assistance Hot Line at 800-687-7057. They will help you find and contact your local authority.
There are things that simply cannot go into local trash trucks as certain items may damage the blade and hopper. The assistance hot line should be able to point you in the right direction for items such as these.

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